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DECEMBER 2021 - Master Planning and Micro Planning for a Small Township close to Raipur in the Central Indian State of Chhattisgarh.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in India has been hugely disruptive to its economy including the real estate development industry, however signs of recovery are emerging.

With submission outcomes pending for several real estate development planning proposals, BPDC was engaged in December for the master planning and micro planning of a small township situated close to the capital city, Raipur, of the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

The development site is strategically situated close to the Swami Vivekananda International Airport which is the busiest airport in Central India, and Naya Raipur which is a Greenfield city covering an area of about 8,000 hectares planned to replace Raipur as the state capital. It is one kilometre from Chhattisgarh's largest Water Park, and it adjoins a 30 hectare irrigation pond.

Strategic planning has been commenced.



SEPTEMBER 2021 – Concept Planning for Mixed Use Waterfront and Marina Development, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

By way of an introduction from a long-time associate in Mauritius, BPDC was engaged in May 2021 by a significant developer and manager of property assets in the Ivory Coast and the West African sub-region, to undertake strategic and initial concept planning for a prime waterfront land parcel.

Abidjan is the economic capital of the Ivory Coast and one of the most populous French-speaking cities in Africa, with a population of about 5 million. Abidjan fronts the 130 km long Ébrié Lagoon, which separates almost all the Ivory Coast from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow coastal strip.

The proposed development which adjoins Ébrié Lagoon, is envisaged to comprise a central waterway adding real estate value to a mix of high-end villas and apartments within a park environment, plus a commercial centre. The development concept includes a marina harbour within the Lagoon with waterfront commercial activities and marina facilities.

The preliminary development concept is presently under Client consideration.



MAY 2020 - Restoration of Historical Yacht Cynara as a Maritime Flagship for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Burchill Japan KK is owned 50% by Phillip Peatey based in Tokyo, and 50% by BPDC. The projects we share can be extraordinary.

Through Phillip, Burchill Japan has been the advisor to Riviera Co., Ltd since mid-2016 for Japan’s first historic European ship restoration.

The Riviera Group owns a diverse range of Japanese and international hospitality operations, including several of Japan’s most iconic marinas – Riviera Zushi Marina and Riviera Seabornia Marina, which will host many visiting yachts for the Olympic Games. The Olympic sailing events will
be staged offshore from these marinas.Cynara sailing yacht, Japan

Riviera Zushi Marina, Zushi, Japan    Riviera Seabornia Marina, Miura, Japan

The Cynara (not to be confused with Sayonara – Japanese for goodbye) is a 96 ft two masted sailing yacht built by Camper and Nicholson Shipyards in Southampton, UK in 1927. With her five-sail design including a flying jib, Oak keel, Teak deck and Rosewood saloon and cabin, she is a rare beauty. The first owner of Cynara was the Marquess of Northampton. Sometimes, Sir Winston Churchill was invited to enjoy sailing on this beautiful yacht.

Cynara restoration, JapanIn 1973, Cynara was sailed to a new owner in Japan, where it was acquired by the Riviera Group in 2001 with its mother port of Seabornia Marina.

As a result of Burchill Japan’s long association with Riviera and Phillip Peatey’s deep knowledge of boats, Phillip was tasked with the identification and engagement of a team of highly skilled shipbuilders from overseas - ultimately made up of experts from 10 countries worldwide, to work with Japanese craftsmen; and to then provide overall coordination services. About 70% of the ship’s original materials have been suitable for reuse in the restored vessel. Each plank of timber and part was removed with care, cleaned, polished and refitted.

Cynara was successfully relaunched at the end of March 2020.

Riviera sees this project as a cultural bridge between East and West and an opportunity to capture and pass on traditional maritime skills.


MARCH 2020 - Concept & Strategies for Development & Management of One of Six New Cities along the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, Maharashtra, India

Maharashtra is one of India’s largest states by area and population (Pop: 120 million). Its capital city, Mumbai, is India’s largest metropolis (Pop: 22 million).

Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and the largest city in central India.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is presently implementing the 700 km eight lane Nagpur–Mumbai Super Communication Expressway at a cost of USD 7.8 billion. Designed for speeds up to 150 km / hr, the expressway will reduce travel time between the two cities to about 8 hours.

Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, IndiaAlmondz Global Infra - Consultant Limited in JV with BPDC was engaged by MSRDC in February 2019 to undertake planning for one of six proposed new cities along the route of the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway. Almondz Global Infra - Consultant is a wholly owned subsidiary of Almondz Global Securities Limited, one of India’s leading Investment Banks.

In October 2019, BPDC with Almondz produced a comprehensive Concept and Strategies report for one Agro Prosperity Centre covering more than 1,000 ha, which addresses the city’s "reason for being" and contains innovative strategic concepts to be considered by MSRDC, as well as a formative physical development plan.

Further phases of the consultancy will involve preparation of a Development Plan and Development Control Regulations, for which BPDC will have a Review role.


JANUARY 2020 - Quality of Lifestyle Housing and Wellness Estates at Avsare and Borivali accessed via Karjat, Maharashtra, India

Through Pune based Project Consultant, White Works, BPDC has been engaged by Xrbia for master planning and detailed micro planning of two Quality of Lifestyle & Wellness Estates.

Xrbia is addressing India's need for smarter, efficient and sustainable cities. It provides end-to-end urban infrastructure services to enhance the quality of life and living experiences of its residents. Xrbia has already achieved a sale & build rate of 2000 houses a month, establishing itself as India’s undisputed affordable housing leader. Xrbia’s vision is to build “100 future ready cities by 2030”

Avsare and Borivali are each situated in steeply undulating terrain, which creates development challenges, as well as opportunities for innovative villa designs and variety in urban form. The Master Plans have evolved to embrace variations in topography, including aesthetic and recreational opportunities for valley lakes and feature water bodies.

The Master Plans incorporate a variety of affordable villa sizes and configurations within a scenic undulating landscape, as well as high rise apartments strategically located for views and proximity to community amenities including convenience shopping, Resident Club facilities and open space.

Borivali Concept Plan, India 

The Avsare Master Plan covers 75 acres, within which a Highrise and Amenity Precinct is focussed on its frontage to Lake Avsare and includes a Community Garden for residents with “green thumbs” who do not presently have space for gardening. A stream valley running the length of the property facilitates a unifying landscaped open space and walking trail corridor.

The Borivali Master Plan covering almost 200 acres, incorporates a 100 key Spa and Wellness Resort and a range of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including a cricket and football ground. A wide spine road winds its way up and down for 2.7 kilometres between securitised entrances at the western and eastern ends of the Estate.


NOVEMBER 2018 - Urjaa World, Shahapur, Maharashtra, India


Urjaa World Concept Plan, Shahapur, Maharashtra, IndiaMaster planning and schematic infrastructure engineering in association with HP Dezines Creations LLP on behalf of the Trust of Jain Community - representing a significant Indian religion, Jainism. Urjaa World will include a large temple complex on 7 acres; an Ayurveda and Rejuvenation Centre incorporating the world's most comprehensive and advanced ayurvedic healing centre and an associated resort; education and skilled craft training facilities; residential accommodation; and a town centre.Urjaa World, Shahapur, Maharashtra, India

The project is planned to be a religious hub as well as a significant tourism drawcard - with access aided by a new railway station on the Mumbai-Delhi line committed for construction immediately adjacent to the project. Urjaa World is planned as a model of urban sustainability including mutually beneficial rural-urban partnerships.



OCTOBER 2016 -  Emerald Bay - Lock and Quays

A bridge links the western edge of Singapore across the Straits of Johor to Malaysia, and just to the north lies Puteri Harbour - the new Administrative Capital of Johor State and the heart of Iskandar Malaysia which has recorded about US$50 billion of committed investments over the last 8 years.

Branching from the Puteri Harbour waterways is Emerald Bay: an exclusive luxury private residential / marina development on 44 hectares comprising waterside homes, apartments and recreational club amenities.

The team of B P Development Consulting prepared the original master plan for the Emerald Bay site on behalf of Malaysia's largest development company, the UEM Group. With a maximum tidal range of almost 4 metres, the master plan incorporated a navigable lock to allow boating access while maintaining a controlled water level within the canal waterways. The BPDC team obtained Malaysian Government agency approvals for the lock and a schematically designed tidal exchange system to maintain high water quality - the first such approvals anywhere in Malaysia.

When Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB) became the project's lead JV partner, BPDC was engaged to provide marine planning inputs for a refined architectural master plan and to overview the design of all infrastructure, undertaken by local consultants. BPDC prepared the schematic lock design in which the spatial configuration and choice of gate types was constrained by available space.

Emerlad Bay Lock designBPDC was subsequently engaged for detailed design and documentation of the waterway tidal exchange sluices and for 200 marina, holding and private berths; as well as coordinating the appointment of a specialist lock designer (KGAL from the UK) and for over viewing the lock design process.

In design of the lock, the speed of the lock cycle was critical and the arrangement facilitates up to six medium sized yachts navigating the system at any one time. The gates have to provide not only a safe pedestrian walkway when closed, but also accommodate golf buggy traffic.

These issues, along with the need to consider the operational efficiency, redundancy and canal waterway flushing for water quality and aquatic bio-diversity informed a final design of two parallel locks controlled by vertically hinged flap gates, themselves operated by hydraulic cylinders. Under an on-seating hydrostatic head, the hydrostatic force pushes the gates onto a sealing frame; under an off-seating head, locking pins are required.

Construction of all navigation lock civil, structural, mechanical and electrical works: including stop logs, sluice gates, penstocks, culverts and trash screens, moving barriers and handrails, plant rooms, navigation lights, alarms, pipe work, ducting, CCTV and all controls, was awarded to Malaysian company Adasfa Sdn Bhd, closely in line with broad-cost estimates provided by BPDC.

Emerald Bay Lock under constructionIn October 2016, BPDC was on-site with KGAL for initial commissioning of the lock and the canal water exchange system comprising inlet sluice works (from the Johor Straits at the north eastern end of Emerald Bay), and the navigation lock water sluicing system, programmed to double as the semi-tidal water exchange outlet.

Emerald Bay Lock  Emerald Bay Lock

Commissioning of the marina and the first stage of private berths as designed by BPDC will be undertaken before the end of this year.

In 2015 Emerald Bay was awarded Best Luxury Waterfront Residential Development in the iProperty Best Development Awards and it is is undoubtedly one of region's stand out waterfront projects.

AUGUST 2016 - Riau International Cruising Highway Opening Ceremony - BPDC Signs Cooperation Agreement for Development of Tanjung Dahan Island


B P Development Consulting is at the centre of an exciting multi-faceted venture: The Riau International Cruising Highway (RICH) - most significantly involving cooperation between Indonesia and Singapore.

The Riau Islands Province of Indonesia (Provinsi Kepulauan Riau or KEPRI) comprises 3,200 islands, including the largest: Bintan as well as Batam whose northern shoreline is within 16 kilometres of Singapore. The province has a population of 2.0 million and tourist visitation approaching 2.5 million per annum.

The team of BPDC has experience in the Riau archipelago, including the master planning of Lagoi Bay on 1,300 hectares which will accommodate an increase in Bintan Resorts tourist visitation from about 700,000 to 1 million per annum. The first stages of Lagoi Bay are developed and operating.

The Riau International Cruising Highway conceptThe Riau International Cruising Highway concept is the brainchild of Mr Gerard Basil de Souza, President of the Singapore Power Boat Association. The RICH concept envisages a series of commercial fish farm clusters integrated with eco-tourism destinations and leisure vessel berthing stopovers, stretching through the Riau Archipelago from Batam to Jakarta. Each cluster of fish farms would be twinned with a local village community. For Singapore, the concept provides tourism and leisure boating destinations as well as expanded sources of aquaculture and agriculture production. For Indonesia, the RICH concept offers domestic tourism as well as sustainable economic and social development opportunities - particularly for small island communities that are vulnerable to climate change and face health, education and poverty issues.

The concept builds upon a Presidential Decree signed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo in September 2015, easing regulations for foreign pleasure yachts to sail to and around Indonesia's thousands of wondrous tropical islands - in a move to boost Indonesia's marine tourism, invite more tourists, and thereby improve the welfare of communities especially on the more remote islands.

BPDC has worked closely with Mr Gerard Basil de Souza over many years in formulating innovative and mutually rewarding partnerships with coastal communities struggling to adapt traditional livelihoods dependent on the sea, to challenges of the 21st century. At a Press Conference at Raffles Marina on 3 August, BPDC signed a Cooperation Contract with the entitled owner of 200 hectares of land and water at Tanjung Dahan Village, Batam, about 70 kilometres south of Singapore, in preparation for the first RICH recreational fish farm cluster; a marina; and tourism, commercial and residential development in partnership with the land owner.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Riau Islands Province and the Singapore Power Boat Association to support the October 2016 Kepri Marine Festival was also signed at the Raffles Marina Press Conference - attended by a large number of dignitaries from the Riau Islands Province including the Governor of the Province and Heads of the Tourism Board and the Regional Development Planning Board; the Director of Asia Pacific Tourism Promotion, Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia; as well as the Singapore Special Envoy for Oceanic Affairs who is also Honorary Advisor to the Singapore Power Boat Association.

The Riau International Cruising Highway (RICH) Press ConferenceThe Riau International Cruising Highway (RICH) - Signing Ceremony

Enter Seawings Holdings Pte Ltd, with links to the manufacturers of amphibious aircraft in the USA and Singapore; and a Vision to interconnect RICH recreational fish farm stations by air and sea within a wider network of "Seawings Hubs" established in cooperation with Indonesian aviation agencies.

The official Opening of the Riau International Cruising Highway was celebrated at Tanjung Dahan on Saturday 20 August in conjunction with Indonesia's Independence Day of 3 days earlier. The RICH opening was attended by the Governor of the Riau Islands Province: Dr. H. Nurdin Basirun who famously led a flotilla of jet ski enthusiasts in shepherding the Governor's motor launch, KEPRI 01 carrying others of the official party to the Tanjung Dahan jetty, including the Head of the Tourism Office of the Riau Islands: Pak Guntur Sakti.

Villagers form Tanjung Dahan and surrounding islands enthusiastically participated in the opening ceremony and festivities which featured a speech by the Governor; blessing by religious representatives of the Islamic, Protestant, Catholic and Buddhist faiths; a community banquet (or kenduri); and many local sports events including fishing boat racing, duck chasing and "Panjat Pinang": a greased-pole climbing competition.

Signing for the establishment of a Foreign Owned Company in IndonesiaSigning for the establishment of a Foreign Owned Company in IndonesiaOn the Monday following the RICH Opening ceremony, the owner of Tanjung Dahan and surrounding islands, Mr Timothy Sani Chia met with BPDC's Principal, Mark Windsor and finalised legal documentation for the establishment of a Foreign Owned Company in Indonesia to raise capital, plan and implement the first RICH hub within 200 hectares of land and water at Tanjung Dahan, under a partnership arrangement.

There are demanding and very exciting times ahead for the Riau International Cruising Highway.


MARCH 2016 - Shortlisting for the Mid Term Review of the National Development Strategy for the Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius National Development Strategy ReviewFrom a field of ten international consultants, B P Development Consulting has been shortlisted as one of four consulting firms by the Mauritius Ministry of Housing and Lands to undertake a mid term review of the Mauritius National Development Strategy 2003. The remaining shortlisted consultants are headquartered in UK, Netherlands and USA respectively.

BPDC has a very successful track record in strategic planning, particularly in Brunei where it has completed the following major assignments:

  • Brunei Land Availability Study;

  • Brunei National Land Use Master Plan;

  • Belait District Plan;

  • Brunei Muara District Plan; and

  • Mukim Serasa Local Plan.

The BPDC team is familiar with Mauritius including previous master planning involvement in a large scale integrated resort development on the east coast, which was the catalyst for enactment of the Mauritius Integrated Resort Scheme. The Queensland Integrated Resort Development Act was one of the reference documents for this legislation. The BPDC team has also undertaken several formative planning assignments for integrated waterfront developments in Mauritius, and was previously shortlisted for a review of District Council Planning Schemes by the Ministry of Environment.

The Mauritius Ministry of Housing and Lands is currently finalising comprehensive terms of reference for the Mid Term Review of the National Development Strategy.

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea

Jeju Island, which is situated about 80 kilometres south of the Korean Peninsula, has tourist visitation in excess of 10 million per annum - more than Bali, Hawaii or Okinawa - including more than 2 million foreign tourists.

B P Develpment Consulting has recently undertaken total concept planning for an Ocean Marina City on a site of 136 hectares on the east coast of Jeju Island. BPDC's work was on behalf of CKIPM Marine Group, a private Korean company with whom BPDC has had a long and close association, in joint venture with the Jeju Government's major development agency - the Jeju Free International City Development Center.

Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea

Jeju Ocean Marina City will incorporate hotels, low rise and mid-rise residential condominiums, shopping, tourism attractions, commercial development, a 400 berth floating marina and a marine services centre including a 200 berth dry stack storage.

The work of BPDC focused particularly upon the site's 3.2 kilometre long waterfront, of which the Stage 1 development includes the main marina and breakwaters; two key-hole marina harbours; and the Marina Precinct incorporating waterfront promenade condominiums, hotels, vibrant marina-side F&B and retail development, a ferry terminal and duty free shopping.

Jeju Ocean Marina City Master Plan, Jeju Island, Korea Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea

NOVEMBER 2014 - Silver Sponsor and Speaker for the 7th Annual City Development - Envisioning Cities of the Future Conference, Hilton Hotel, Singapore, 19-21 November 2014

7th Annual City Development - Envisioning Cities of the Future ConferenceBPDC staff Gordon Rogers and Mark Windsor at the 7th Annual City Development - Envisioning Cities of the Future ConferenceB P Development Consulting was honoured to be the Silver Sponsor for the 7th Annual City Development - Envisioning Cities of the Future Conference in Singapore, which ran over three days in November.

The conference was attended by almost 100 people from 19 countries. Eminent speakers included William Lau Hui Lay - immediate Past President, Singapore Institute of Planners; Ken Ong - City of Melbourne Councillor & Planning Committee Chair; Kent Munro - City of Vancouver Assistant Director of Planning; and David Singleton - Infrastructure Council of Australia Chairman.

Principal of BPDC, Mark Windsor, presented a 40 minute Paper on the first day entitled: Purpose Planned New Communities - Frameworks and Case Studies. The Paper was in four parts:

  • High level strategic issues for sustainable cities;

  • A very brief background on the heritage and experience of BPDC;

  • A case study of current planning for two sustainable eco-community projects near Cebu, Philippines as part of a wider social development project; and in Indonesia's Riau Archipelago; and

  • A case study of Aamby Valley City in India.

An extract from Mark Windsor's Paper covering the first part of the presentation is available here.

Please email Mark: mark.windsor@bpdconsulting.com to request a full copy of the Paper.

7th Annual City Development - Envisioning Cities of the Future Conference - BPDC staff with delegates from Kenya and Nigeria

Delegates from Kenya and Nigeria with Gordon Rogers and Mark Windsor

NOVEMBER 2013 -  Aamby Valley City Assignments in India

Nestled on 4,000 hectares in the midst of the picturesque Sahayadri mountain range south east of Mumbai, Aamby Valley City is India's most famous elite residential and resort community.

Aamby Valley City is a development of Sahara India Pariwar whose diversified business interests include finance, infrastructure and housing, media & entertainment, consumer merchandise retail ventures, manufacturing and information technology. Sahara, which employs more than one million people, is best known in Australia for its sponsorship of the Indian national cricket team.

The development of Aamby Valley City is being guided by a master plan prepared in 2001 by the team of B P Development Consulting - which has also been responsible for detailed micro planning of successive development areas to the present time.

Aamby Valley City Planning

Resort Accommodation Amenities Area

BPDC's recent and current work for Aamby Valley includes:

Micro planning for 3,000 resort accommodation units, an Amenities Area with a total floor area of 157,000 square metres as well as a water park close to the City airport;

Subdivision planning for 68 luxury villas on the northern shoreline of Aamby Valley's Great Lake;

Planning for the main gateway arrival to Aamby Valley City and a Visitors Centre,

Precinct planning for the Business and Commercial District external to the gated community, with a floor area totalling 500,000 square metres;

Precinct planning for an Education Campus to accommodate 4,000 students including 2,500 boarders;

Micro planning for two final areas of the Aamby Valley City master plan in which development has not yet commenced - South Lake and South Hills - on more than 500 hectares; and

Engineering for a 4-lane public road from the Aamby Valley City main entry to a new Airport Terminal, including a tunnel beneath the runway which is being extended to a length of 2.4 kilometres to accommodate almost all wide bodied aircraft.

Aamby Valley City Great Lake Aamby Valley City Great Lake

Aamby Valley City Great Lake northern shoreline Aamby Valley City Great Lake northern shoreline

Aamby Valley - field inspections  Aamby Valley - field inspections  Aamby Valley - field inspections  Micro planning for new areas requires days of detailed field inspections in ground truthing topographic survey and preliminary development layouts

JULY 2013 -  New Commission for Emerald Bay / Waterways Construction is Commenced


Waterways construction at Emerald Bay, Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia

Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB) is developing a high quality residential waterway community known as Emerald Bay on a site of 44 hectares at Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia in a joint venture with UEM Land Berhad. The project incorporates canal waterways connected through a navigable lock to Puteri Harbour and the Johor Strait, with a mix of high-end waterfront bungalows and apartments as well as a yacht club.

BPDC has been awarded its third commission by BRDB for Emerald Bay involving detailed design and documentation of the tidal exchange inlet sluice, detailed design and documentation of the marina and private berths, and coordination of a specialist lock consultant responsible for designing the navigable lock and tidal exchange outlet sluice.

In 2011 BPDC was engaged by BRDB to provide technical support services during master planning in relation to hydraulic and marine engineering as well as infrastructure schematic design in association with local civil and M&E sub-consultants.

Construction of the harbour waterways and revetments has commenced.


JANUARY 2013 - Season's Greetings with our Korean Corporate Partner - CKIPM Marine Group

BPDC has a very happy corporate partnership with Korea's leading leisure boating and marina constructor CKIPM - www.ckipm.com

Season's greetings to the Korean marine community were conveyed in the 2013 Winter Edition of MARINA AND YACHT - the glossy CKIPM Marine Group Membership Magazine, available at the following link on Pages 16 - 17: Marina and Yacht - 2013 Winter Edition - Volume 6


DECEMBER 2012 - Master Plan being Implemented for Mo Dao Integrated Marina and Residential Resort, Zhongshan, China

BPDC undertook comprehensive master planning for the Mo Dao marina and canal waterways project between 2010 and 2012, working closely with Keppel Land development teams based in Singapore, Zhongshan and Shanghai.

The multi-billion dollar project on 87 hectares within the affluent Pearl River Delta region of Zhongshan, China, incorporates a marina harbour, canal waterways that are accessed via a lock, a commercial hub and a mix of residential accommodation ranging from very high-end waterfront bungalows, to high rise apartments.

BPDC undertook detailed layout planning which responded to progressively refined market briefs and local authority requirements. BPDC also provided technical inputs to the schematic engineering of key infrastructure components including flood protection, road hierarchy, controlled tidal water exchange within the canal waterways, the navigable lock, and the marina.

First stage construction of the Mo Dao project in accordance with the master plan is now well advanced.

Mo Dao - Temporary Boundary Fence Mo Dao - Soil Improvement Works
Mo Dao - Lock Structure Mo Dao - Marina Harbour Inner and Outer Walls

SEPTEMBER 2011 - Master Plan Finalisation: Mo Dao Island Integrated Marina and Canal Waterways Residential Resort, Zhongshan, China

A long master planning assignment with Keppel Land China and its Zhongshan partner is in the final stages of documentation detailing.

Mo Dao Island Integrated Marina and Canal Waterways Residential ResortThe 87 hectare project site is situated on Mo Dao Island with Sleeping Buddha Mountain on its immediate east and the massive Xi Jiang River, almost a kilometre wide, at its western edge. The site is 2 hours sailing from Hong Kong via Macau. The master plan provides opportunities for tranquil living on wide semi-tidal canal waterways with private berths for the owners of all residential villas; a vibrant marina harbour fronting a commercial complex containing clubhouses, hotel, and business and community facilities; as well as apartments with views to the mountain, the canals, the harbour and the river.

Master planning has involved an iterative process of layout formulation and refinement driven by evolving market briefs; detailed exploration of development intensity options; technical studies and schematic design advice covering geotechnical issues, development profiles, tidal flushing of canal waterways, tidal exchange sluices, a navigable lock, marina and private berthing, analysis of traffic and road hierarchy; space allocation and building massing for the Integrated Clubhouse and Commercial Complex; master plan detailing of open space, pedestrian and bicycle circulation networks, and securitised entries; 3D project modelling and fly-over animation, and close liaison with the Client including numerous visits to Singapore and Zhongshan.

During the period of master planning, Keppel Land China has fully purchased the property and has advanced substantially with bulk earthworks. Commencement of construction for the river and harbour edge revetments is imminent.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - Development Approvals for Puteri Harbour Residential North, Johor, Malaysia

Puteri Harbour Residential North, Johor, Malaysia

Residential North is the most exclusive residential precinct within Puteri Harbour which is an integrated waterfront and marina development on 280 hectares offering panoramic views of the Straits of Johor. Puteri Harbour is also home to the new Administrative Centre of the Malaysian State of Johor.

BPDC has recently completed marine, hydraulic and infrastructure schematic design for this gated residential canal estate on 45 ha; including planning and schematic design of a lock, tidal exchange sluices and marina facilities; and coordination of local C&S and M&E consultants; on behalf of Bandar Raya Development Berhad in joint venture with UEM Land - two of Malaysia's largest and most respected real estate development companies.

All infrastructure development approvals have now been received, in readiness for the commencement of construction. Department of Irrigation & Drainage approval of a tidally driven sluice system to exchange water through the semi-tidal canal waterways of Residential North, was a Malaysian first.



SEPTEMBER 2011 - Tokyo Office: 50% Stake in Burchill Japan KK

Burchill Japan KK and B P Development Consulting have officially announced BPDC's 50% stake in Burchill Japan, whose office is located in Nihonbashi, the financial district near Tokyo Station and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

BPDC Principal Mark Windsor and Geoff Burchill were instrumental in establishing Burchill Japan KK in 1991, jointly owned by Burchill Partners Pty Limited and Phillip Peatey, a long term Australian resident in Japan and former Consul and Trade Commissioner at the Australian Consulate in Osaka.

In its 20th year, Burchill Japan KK is the longest established Japan-Australia company in the urban development field. It safely weathered Japan's "economic bubble" crash in 1991-92, the Asia Meltdown in 1997, the Lehmann Shock in 2008 and the recent Fukushima disaster. Concentrating on opportunities in North Asia and linking these with markets in Australia, Singapore, Europe and the USA, Burchill Japan has been involved in an innovative range of business activities. Mark Windsor and Phillip Peatey have maintained their strong working relationship over the years and look forward to expanded opportunities for Burchill Japan with B P Development Consulting in partnership.

Although Japan is facing macro-economic challenges, Burchill Japan has identified strong business opportunities associated with the ever increasing cross flows of tourists between Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong; the Japanese retirement market; niche development projects; and the matching of Japanese technology with emerging areas of international business.

As existing facilities age, Burchill Japan has been called upon to consult on re-use and development of broad acre land, warehouses, office buildings, a museum, marinas, hotels, golf courses, and even mega-yachts. Excellent developments are constantly coming on the market at a fraction of their original build cost and there are surprising numbers of reconstruction, modification and re-use projects brought to Burchill Japan by new owners who ask how best to take advantage of maturing customer needs.

BPDC and Burchill Japan have recently formulated a master plan and program for expanded development and regeneration of a "bubble era" real estate icon, the documentation for which remains in confidence pending completion of acquisition negotiations.

The Burchill Japan KK office can be contacted by telephone: +81 3 6277 1131

AUGUST 2011 - New Award:  Mukim Serasa Local Plan, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Serasa Mukim Development PlanKarya Bumi Planning Consultants in association with BPDC have been appointed to prepare the Mukim Serasa Local Plan, with contract signing scheduled for mid September 2011.

Mukim Serasa, with an area of nearly 3,500 hectares, is located at the north-eastern corner of Brunei Muara fronting Brunei Bay and the estuary of Sungai Brunei. It is the historic entrance to Brunei Darussalam. Home to the nation's only sheltered deepwater anchorage at Muara Port, Mukim Serasa is the main trade gateway for the country.

With Government proposals to transform the existing port area and adjoining islands into a major regional trans-shipment hub and export processing zone, development within the mukim must be tailored to facilitate and support the expansion of the port and surrounds to fulfill its envisioned role as a major driver of district and national growth.

BPDC will perform a role similar to current responsibilities under the Brunei Muara District Plan, albeit to a far greater level of detail at the localised level. The Mukim Serasa Local Plan is due for completion in November 2012.

MAY 2011 - New Award: Brunei Muara District Plan, Negara Brunei Darussalam

BPDC commenced work to prepare the Brunei Muara District Plan in May 2011 on behalf of the Brunei Department of Town & Country Planning and the Ministry of Development, in association with Brunei based Karya Bumi Planning Consultants.

Brunei Muara District PlanWith an area of 571km² the Brunei Muara District comprises only 10% of the total national land area of Negara Brunei Darussalam. Despite its size, the district represents the principal urban centre of Brunei, accommodating more than 70% of the national population. It is the established seat of Sultanate and Government administrative power, the main hub of commercial and retail activity, the dominant centre of employment, cultural, recreational, health, research and educational opportunities, and the principal international gateway to the country. As district population growth and settlement continues to intensify, proper planning is critical to the long term national and district interest.

The role of BPDC includes direct responsibility for the examination of land use, land suitability and availability, patterns of settlement and emergent growth centres, housing, commerce, community facilities and services, the built environment, and plan implementation. BPDC has also engaged sub-consultants to undertake specialist studies in the areas of the Environment, Tourism and Telecommunications, which fall under the scope of the BPDC assignment. In addition, BPDC plays a major role in detailed GIS mapping and the production of reporting and mapping deliverables for this project including the Brunei Muara District Plan Final Report, concept plans and reports for nominated Urban Growth Centres, and the final District Plan Wall Maps, Structure Plans and Development Proposals Maps. The Brunei Muara District Plan is programmed for completion in November 2012.

In association with the Brunei consultant Jurutera Tempatan, BPDC has successfully completed Final Reports for the Brunei National Land Use Master Plan and Land Availability Study, as well as the separate Belait District Plan, also on behalf of the Brunei Department of Town & Country Planning and the Ministry of Development. Final video documentaries, scripted by BPDC for each study, are presently in production.

OCTOBER 2010 - Gimpo Marina Terminal, Korea

Gyeong-In Waterway & Gimpo TerminalThe Gyeong-In Waterway is a major Korean National Government initiative that links the Han River near Seoul to the Yellow Sea at Incheon. The waterway, which is 19 kilometres long, 89 metres wide and 6.3 metres deep, is primarily designed to provide more environmentally sound and efficient transportation between the West Sea and the capital city of Seoul compared with road or rail options, allowing the conveyance of 250 containers in one shipping. The waterway will also facilitate passenger ferry and leisure boat navigation, for which terminals are being provided along the waterway.

BPDC in association with CKMarine Group, has undertaken preliminary planning for the Gimpo marina terminal situated at the Seoul end of the Gyeong-In Waterway, on behalf of Hanjin Shipping. Hanjin is Korea’s largest shipping company and the owner of Korean Airlines. Preliminary planning for the precinct incorporates a marina of approximately 150 berths, a marina clubhouse, a marine maintenance centre, showrooms, condominiums, a sailing school, and vibrant waterfront sub-precincts for eating, nightlife, entertainment and shopping.


JUNE 2010 - Association in Korea with CKMarine Group

BPDC established an association with CKMarine Group in March 2010, and in June, BPDC was centre stage with CKMarine Group at the 2010 Korean International Boat Show.

Representitives form B P Development Consulting & CKMarine Group CKMarine is a major seller of new leisure boats in Korea and a leading contractor in the manufacture and installation of floating marina systems. The association with BPDC expands the capabilities of CKMarine in total waterfront development planning and design.

The Korean national and prefecture governments have commenced a program to open-up a number of selected coastal sites for waterfront leisure, tourism and mixed-use development with a focus on marinas and leisure boating, in which CKMarine Group already has a committed stake.

At the 2010 Korean International Boat Show, Mark Windsor of   BPDC was interviewed by Korea’s leading television news program, from which a grab was aired on the national KBS Evening News.  Mark was asked about the perception outside Korea of the country’s leisure boating attributes; the potential for growth of waterfront leisure, lifestyle and tourism in Korea; and the influence of the annual Korean International Boat Show in raising the domestic and international profile of waterfront development opportunities in Korea.

Through their association, CKMarine Group and BPDC are aiming to become a major player in the planning and implementation of large scale integrated waterfront development projects in Korea, many of which are now in the formative concept stage.


B P Development Consulting has been formed, whose personnel comprise a former Partner and former employees of Burchill Partners Pty Limited who were involved in the planning of projects such as Sanctuary Cove and The Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast,  Aamby Valley City in India and the Brunei National Land Use Master Plan.

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