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Evidence of B P Development Consulting's recent involvement in the planning of large scale high quality international projects is set out in the following summary.


a. Concept & Strategies for Development & Management of One of Six New Cities along the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, Maharashtra, India  (2019 - ongoing)

Maharashtra is one of India’s largest states by area and population (Pop: 120 million). Its capital city, Mumbai, is India’s largest metropolis (Pop: 22 million).

Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and the largest city in central India.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is presently implementing the 700 km eight lane Nagpur–Mumbai Super Communication Expressway at a cost of USD 7.8 billion. Designed for speeds up to 150 km / hr, the expressway will reduce travel time between the two cities to about 8 hours.

Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, IndiaAlmondz Global Infra - Consultant Limited in JV with BPDC was engaged by MSRDC in February 2019 to undertake planning for one of six proposed new cities along the route of the Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway. Almondz Global Infra - Consultant is a wholly owned subsidiary of Almondz Global Securities Limited, one of India’s leading Investment Banks.

In October 2019, BPDC with Almondz produced a comprehensive Concept and Strategies report for one Agro Prosperity Centre covering more than 1,000 ha, which addresses the city’s "reason for being" and contains innovative strategic concepts to be considered by MSRDC, as well as a formative physical development plan.

Further phases of the consultancy will involve preparation of a Development Plan and Development Control Regulations, for which BPDC will have a Review role.


b. Quality of Lifestyle Housing and Wellness Estates at Avsare and Borivali accessed via Karjat, Maharashtra, India (2019 - ongoing)

Through Pune based Project Consultant, White Works, BPDC has been engaged by Xrbia for master planning and detailed micro planning of two Quality of Lifestyle & Wellness Estates.

Xrbia is addressing India's need for smarter, efficient and sustainable cities. It provides end-to-end urban infrastructure services to enhance the quality of life and living experiences of its residents. Xrbia has already achieved a sale & build rate of 2000 houses a month, establishing itself as India’s undisputed affordable housing leader. Xrbia’s vision is to build “100 future ready cities by 2030”

Avsare and Borivali are each situated in steeply undulating terrain, which creates development challenges, as well as opportunities for innovative villa designs and variety in urban form. The Master Plans have evolved to embrace variations in topography, including aesthetic and recreational opportunities for valley lakes and feature water bodies.

The Master Plans incorporate a variety of affordable villa sizes and configurations within a scenic undulating landscape, as well as high rise apartments strategically located for views and proximity to community amenities including convenience shopping, Resident Club facilities and open space.

Borivali Concept Plan, India 

The Avsare Master Plan covers 75 acres, within which a Highrise and Amenity Precinct is focussed on its frontage to Lake Avsare and includes a Community Garden for residents with “green thumbs” who do not presently have space for gardening. A stream valley running the length of the property facilitates a unifying landscaped open space and walking trail corridor.

The Borivali Master Plan covering almost 200 acres, incorporates a 100 key Spa and Wellness Resort and a range of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including a cricket and football ground. A wide spine road winds its way up and down for 2.7 kilometres between securitised entrances at the western and eastern ends of the Estate.


c. Urjaa World, Shahapur, Maharashtra, India (2016-2017)


Urjaa World Concept Plan, Shahapur, Maharashtra, IndiaMaster planning and schematic infrastructure engineering in association with HP Dezines Creations LLP on behalf of the Trust of Jain Community - representing a significant Indian religion, Jainism. Urjaa World will include a large temple complex on 7 acres; an Ayurveda and Rejuvenation Centre incorporating the world's most comprehensive and advanced ayurvedic healing centre and an associated resort; education and skilled craft training facilities; residential accommodation; and a town centre.Urjaa World, Shahapur, Maharashtra, India

The project is planned to be a religious hub as well as a significant tourism drawcard - with access aided by a new railway station on the Mumbai-Delhi line committed for construction immediately adjacent to the project. Urjaa World is planned as a model of urban sustainability including mutually beneficial rural-urban partnerships.



d. Thousand Islands Marina Resort, Jakarta, Indonesia (2016)

Preliminary concept planning for development of a residential resort and marina within one of the 108 islands which comprise the Thousand Islands north of Jakarta.

 Thousand Islands Marina Resort, Jakarta, Indonesia     Thousand Islands Marina Resort, Jakarta, Indonesia

e. Project Sunrise (under Confidentiality Contract 2014)

Master planning for a new city of 30,000 population surrounded by water including a port, cruise ship terminal, 600 berth marina, an airport and seaplane base, and a wide range of commercial and tourism facilities, on behalf of one of the world’s largest management companies acting for a major international group of investors.

The work included market positioning and environmental planning strategies to conceptualise the most environmentally advanced and sustainable tropical city in the world.


f. Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea (2015)

Jeju Island, which is situated about 80 kilometres south of the Korean Peninsula, has tourist visitation in excess of 10 million per annum - more than Bali, Hawaii or Okinawa - including over 2 million foreign tourists.

BPDC has recently undertaken total concept planning for an Ocean Marina City on a site of 136 hectares on the east coast of Jeju Island. BPDC's work is on behalf of CKIPM Marine Group, a private Korean company with whom we have had a long and close association, in partnership with the Jeju Government's major development agency.

 Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea

Jeju Ocean Marina City will incorporate hotels, low rise and mid-rise residential condominiums, shopping, tourism attractions, commercial development, a 400 berth floating marina and a marine services centre including a 200 berth dry stack storage.

For planning and staging purposes the site has been demarcated into 4 zones. The Stage 1 development area includes the main marina and breakwaters; two key-hole marina harbours; and the Marina Precinct incorporating waterfront promenade condominiums, hotels, vibrant marina-side F&B and retail development, a ferry terminal and duty free shopping.

Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea   Jeju Ocean Marina City, Jeju Island, Korea



g. Aamby Valley City Precinct Micro Planning, India (2012 - ongoing)

Nestled on 4,000 hectares in the midst of the picturesque Sahayadri mountain range south east of Mumbai, Aamby Valley City is India's most famous elite residential and resort community.

Aamby Valley City is a development of Sahara India Pariwar whose diversified business interests include finance, infrastructure and housing, media & entertainment, consumer merchandise retail ventures, manufacturing and information technology. Sahara India employs more than one million people.

The development of Aamby Valley City is being guided by a master plan prepared in 2001 by the team of BPDC - which has also been responsible for detailed micro planning of successive development areas to the present time.

BPDC's recent and current work for Aamby Valley includes:

  • Micro planning for 3,000 resort accommodation units, an Amenities Area with a total floor area of 157,000 square metres as well as a water park close to the City airport;

    Aamby Valley City - Accommodation, Amenities and Water Park

  • Subdivision planning for 68 luxury villas on the northern shoreline of Aamby Valley City's Great Lake;

    Aamby Valley City - Northern Shoreline Luxury Villas

  • Planning for the main gateway arrival to Aamby Valley City and a Visitor Centre;

  • Precinct planning for the Business and Commercial District external to the gated community, with a floor area totalling more than 500,000 square metres;

  • Precinct planning for an Education Campus to accommodate 4,000 students including 2,500 boarders;

  • Engineering planning for a 4-lane public road from the Aamby Valley City main entry to a new Airport Terminal, including a tunnel beneath the runway which is being extended to a length of 2.4 kilometres to accommodate almost all wide bodied aircraft; and

  • Micro planning for two final areas of the Aamby Valley City master plan in which development has not yet commenced - South Lake and South Hills - on more than 500 hectares

    Aamby Valley City - South Hill

Please refer to the Aamby Valley City website


h. Royal Phuket Marina Inner Harbour Master Planning, Phuket, Thailand (2012)

Royal Phuket Marina Inner Harbour Master Planning, Phuket, ThailandRoyal Phuket Marina Inner Harbour Master Planning, Phuket, ThailandThe BPDC team was involved in the original concept planning for Royal Phuket Marina and the design of its Outer Marina Harbour. Royal Phuket Marina has become one of Asia's most sophisticated yachting havens combining luxury waterfront living with a state-of-the-art marina.

The Inner Harbour has been planned by BPDC to maintain a perched water level within a controlled semi-tidal variation - sufficient to achieve adequate tidal exchange and thereby ensure high water quality, while maintaining an attractively close residential living interface with the water.

The new Inner Harbour master plan aims to create an exciting and highly marketable mix of high-end residential products within a network of navigable waterways.

Please refer to the Royal Phuket Marina website.



i. Brunei Muara District Plan, Negara Brunei Darussalam (2011 - ongoing)

Brunei Muara District Plan, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Undertaken in association with Brunei based Karya Bumi Planning Consultants on behalf of the Brunei Ministry of Development and the Department of Town & Country Planning, the Brunei-Muara District Plan is a comprehensive land use strategy to guide sustainable development of the 571km˛ Brunei-Muara district up to 2025. The district is the principal urban centre of Brunei and accommodates more than 70% of the national population.

BPDC's role includes direct responsibility for the examination of land use; land suitability and availability; patterns of settlement and emergent growth centres; housing; commerce; community facilities and services; the built environment; and District Plan implementation and also involves management of sub-consultants, GIS creation and map production.

In association with Jurutera Tempatan, the BPDC team has previously been responsible for preparation of the Brunei National Land Use Master Plan 2006-2025; the Brunei Land Availability Study; and the Belait District Plan on behalf of the Brunei Department of Town & Country Planning.



j. Emerald Bay Residential Waterway Community, Johor, Malaysia (2011 - ongoing)

Emerald Bay Residential Waterway Community, Johor, Malaysia - Master Plan Emerald Bay Residential Waterway Community, Johor, Malaysia - Under Construction


Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB) is developing the high quality Emerald Bay residential waterway community on a site of 44 hectares at Puteri Harbour, Johor in a joint venture with Malaysia's largest development company, UEM Land Berhad.

The project incorporates canal waterways connected through a navigable lock to Puteri Harbour and the Johor Strait, with a mix of high-end waterfront bungalows and apartments as well as a yacht club.

BPDC has been engaged for three successive commissions covering:

  • Technical support services during master planning in relation to hydraulic and marine engineering as well as infrastructure schematic input through local civil and M&E sub-consultancies;

  • Specialist schematic design service inputs to tidal exchange sluice works and the lock gates, and review of private berthing, boardwalk, mooring facilities and infrastructure; and

  • Detailed design and documentation of the tidal exchange inlet sluice, detailed design and documentation of the marina and private berths, and coordination of a specialist lock consultant responsible for designing the navigable lock and tidal exchange outlet sluice.

Please refer to the Emerald Bay website



k. Wakayama Marina City Future Development Planning, Wakayama, Japan (2010)


Wakayama Marina City Future Development Planning, Wakayama, Japan

The Wakayama Marina City island reclamation and infrastructure were developed in Japan's euphoric boom period about 20 years ago at a cost of US$1.45 billion and would probably never be repeated. Wakayama is close to the Kansai International Airport which was also constructed on a manmade island in the same period.

In association with its Burchill Japan KK office in Tokyo, BPDC undertook planning for substantial further investment in development of the manmade island to realize the Vision for Wakayama Marina City to become a thriving, iconic hub of residential living, tourism, recreation, entertainment, commerce and business activity.

Wakayama Marina City Future Development Planning, Wakayama, Japan



l. Gimpo Marina Terminal, Seoul, Korea (2010)

In association with CKIPM Marine Group, BPDC undertook master planning on behalf of Hanjin Shipping for the Gimpo Marina Terminal precinct which is at the Seoul end of the 19km long Ara Canal which links the Han River in Seoul to the Yellow Sea at Incheon. Hanjin is Korea's largest shipping line and the owner of Korean Airlines.

Gimpo Marina Terminal, Seoul, Korea

Planning for the precinct included a marina of approximately 140 berths, a marine maintenance centre, a clubhouse, showrooms, condominiums, a sailing school and vibrant waterfront sub-precincts for eating, nightlife, entertainment and shopping.

CKIPM Marine Group went on to construct the floating marina, while development of the newly named Ara Marina precinct is proceeding in accordance with the BPDC master plan.


m. Pusan Marina Precinct Redevelopment, Suyeong Bay, Korea (2010)

Pusan Marina Precinct Redevelopment, Suyeong Bay, Korea Pusan Marina Precinct Redevelopment, Suyeong Bay, Korea

The Pusan Marina, which is Korea's largest marina facility, is being upgraded by Hyundai Development under an agreement with the city and as a complement to Hyundai Development's massive Haeundae I'Park apartment complex adjacent to the marina.

On behalf of Hyundai Development and in association with CKIMP Marine Group, BPDC undertook planning for reconfiguration and expansion of the floating marina layout and a new marine service centre.



n. Mukim Serasa Local Plan, Brunei (2011 - on-going)

Mukim Serasa Local Plan, Brunei

Home to Brunei's only sheltered deepwater anchorage, Mukim Serasa is set to undergo rapid transformation on the back of nationally significant industrial developments proposed for the locality. With an attractive coastal setting offering tourism, recreation, and residential opportunities across 3,500 ha, the Mukim is poised to evolve into a key centre of district growth and settlement.

BPDC is currently undertaking strategic master planning on behalf of the Brunei Ministry of Planning and the Department of Town & Country Planning. The scope of work covers physical planning inputs for the study including identification and conceptual planning for growth centres; production and management of assorted sectoral studies; and production of the final plan including plan implementation and supporting institutional framework initiatives.

The Draft Final Local Plan including three growth centre proposals was approved by the Minister of development in October 2013.



o. Zhongshan Marina, Mo Dao,  Zhongshan, China (2008 - 2012)

On behalf of Keppel Land, BPDC was responsible for master planning, schematic engineering and detailed hydraulic analyses for a multi-billion dollar integrated marina and canal waterways residential resort on an 87 ha site fronting the massive Xijiang River. The project is planned to accommodate up to 1200 apartment and bungalow residential units; a yacht club; hotel; commercial development; and a 220 berth public marina.

Zhongshan Marina, Mo Dao,  Zhongshan, China

The canal waterways are accessed via a lock by which a controlled range of water levels is maintained, independent of tidal, seasonal and flood level variations within the ver. BPDC prepared the schematic design for a tidal exchange system which provides flushing of the canals as necessary to ensure high water quality.

Keppel Land, part of the massive Keppel Corporation is one of Singapore's top 5 property development companies.

The site has been progressively acquired, government development approvals obtained and construction commenced. The scope of work included briefing and management of specialist geotechnical, hydraulic modelling and water quality sub-consultants.

Please refer to the Zhongshan Marina website.



p. Liaoning Donggang International Logistics Industrial Park, China (2011)

Donggang, which is strategically located at the northern end of the Yellow Sea across the Yalu River from North Korea, is experiencing economic growth considerably greater than the national average.

Liaoning Donggang International Logistics Industrial Park, ChinaBPDC's formative broad scale development concept for the Liaoning Donggang International Logistics Industrial Park on a 300 ha site, reflects the Client's aim to:

  • Create one of the largest international logistics ports in Northeast Asia;

  • Create a premier business centre within a multi-modal transport hub covering research and development of modern logistics industry technologies and business innovation, e-commerce, futures trading, spot delivery, and information services;

  • Incorporate a fully integrated convention and exhibition, commercial, retail and leisure core;

  • Create a uniquely planned and designed quality-of-lifestyle residential precinct;

  • Grow as a leading economic engine and gateway for the north east of China;

  • Adopt a proactive and sustainable approach to environmental management by ensuring the correct balance of built and biodiversity values; and

  • Create a business environment that values partnerships, people, quality of life and community engagement.

BPDC's formative concept document was translated into Chinese for consideration by the developer and government officials in the authorisation process.

The project is now approved and we remain in close contact with the Client.

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